Ace Wilde







Place of Residence


First Appearance:

Sims Season 2 Episode 2

Last Appearance:

Sims Season 2 Episode Finale


Jun Jones (former)
Barry Tenderlove

Ace Wilde is in Damo's Sim's Lets Play Ambitions and Late Night.

He lives with two roommates, Barry Tenderlove and Jun Jones n'ee Xu who are his good friends, he is also friends with Lilly-Bo Chique and with the local male maid, Feng Choo. He is recognizable at his sometimes flashy clothes and it is stated in his bio that people don't like his clothes style but they don't know his clothes began new trends of wear in the city. He works in the Science career track at level 1. He has no skills but needs 4 skill points in gardening for his job.He is friends with Jun Jones (n'ee Xu) and met Michael Jones. He was first seen at Eugi's Bar in Ambitions and Late Night with Jun when Jamie, Evan and Michael first went to Eugi's Bar and was later seen in the Let's Play when he was with Jun some times. He made a breif cameo in Generations and pets where in Part 42 or Part 43 when the Jones's host a party and he comes to see Jun.


  • He is seen when Damo moves Jun in with Michael.

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