Barry Tenderlove







Place of Residence


First Appearance:

Sims Season 2 Episode 2

Last Appearance:

Sims Season 2 Episode Finale


Jun Jones (former)
Ace Wilde


Olive Kipling (ex-girlfriend)

He lives with Jun Jones (n'ee Xu) and Ace Wilde who is he is good friends with. He is also friends with Ricky Bailey and Margherita Savoy, distant friends with Mick Situp, Ti Bellino, Devin Ashton and Buster Round. He has a townie ex-girlfriend, named Olive Kipling and currently, they hate each other.

He is working in the culinary career at level 2, with 1 skill point in cooking; he must increase it to advance in his job. He also has 1 skill point in guitar skill. His bio states that he wants to succeed in his career, but he also wonders if his slacker roommates will interfere.

His name may be a play on the word bartender, or even a play on "bartender's love", which connects with his lifetime wish.

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