Elise accepting the Prince's love


Bowerstone Castle


- Hero of Brightwall (Husband)

- Veronica (Fellow Wife)

Sexual Orientation

Heterosexual (Straight)

Financial Status


Social Status

Wife of the King

Elise was the childhood lover of the Prince of Albion. She cared for him deeply and apparently spent many nights sneaking into his chambers. She also cared for the people, however, and sympathized with their plight. During one protest at the castle, she convinced the Prince to stand up to his brother, King Logan. This turned out poorly, as Logan felt that his brother was challenging his kingly authority. Cruelly humouring the idea, Logan gave the Prince the power over life and death: either execute the leaders of the protest or his beloved girlfriend. Elise, feeling horribly guilty, asked the Prince to choose her, but he did not. She was spared, leaving her angry and guilt-ridden over the other deaths yet happy to be alive.

The Prince disappeared that night, leading her to believe that he was killed. Sorting out her tumultuous emotions, she forced herself to move on with her life. She ended up engaged to Laszlo, the proprietor of Bowerstone's orphanage/shelter, until she was kidnapped by a scoundrel named Nigel Ferret. He forced Laszlo to pay a hefty ransom, one worth his entire building, but the Prince arrived to help rescue her outright. It was a joyous reunion, but Elise was still torn about leaving Laszlo behind, having genuinely developed feelings for him. She left the choice to the Prince, who pulled her into his arms and kissed her. It was decided, although she needed some time to settle matters properly. It was just as well, as the Prince had other pressing concerns in the meantime.

By the time Elise had ended the engagement, Logan had been overthrown and her beloved was now King. Not even leaving the slummy Industrial district for the proposal, the couple quickly wed on the castle steps, and not even the rain could dampen their spirits. The King moved Elise into Bowerstone Castle, and while they did not immediately produce a child like with Veronica, he promised it was something they would work on.

Elise did not mind the existence of Veronica, nor did she resent the existence of little Timothy, the King's child through her. Polygamy was legal in Albion, after all, and the King was a man of keen taste.