Evan Jones
Evan Jones at a young age

Let's Play

The Sims 3 (World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night)




Sunset Valley (20-25 age)


Bridgeport (aged 97)

Eye Colour



Jamie Jolina


Michael Jones (son)
Johnny-5 Jones (son)
Maya Jones (Granddaughter)


Jun Xu (daughter-in-law)
Ethan Parrott (grandson-in-law)

First Appearance:

Sims Season 1, Episode 1

Last Appearance:

Sims Season 2 Episode 52
Sims Season 2 Episode 53 (cameo)
Sims Season 3 Episode 54 (cameo)

Evan Jones was the main character of Damo's The Sims 3: World Adventures LP. Evan was the husband of Jamie Jones and father of Michael Jones, whilst also being recognised as a grandmaster of martial arts and as a master chef.

He is often described as somewhat of a geek and his traits (computer whiz and workaholic) reflect that. However he is also very sociable and has a good sense of humour. He was certainly a workaholic and his hard work paid off, as when he was 70 he became a World Renowned Surgeon.

Despite being a workaholic, he eventually decided to retire so that he could focus on his two main hobbies: Cooking and Martial Arts. He was very disciplined and a natural cook; he really excelled in these activities. He was awarded the title of Grandmaster after he won the Martial Arts Tournament in Shang Simla and later was awarded a certificate in recognition of his skill in cooking by the Twinbrook Town Council.

During the LP at Bridgeport, Jamie Jones passed away just before they moved house to a sky-rise apartment. Heart broken, Evan tried to get over his great loss. When him and Johnny Five were moving to their apartment whilst Mikey was at work, he tripped over while leaving the taxi. As he got up on his feet, he didn't get chance to set foot in the apartment before the Grim Reaper took him away.

He later appeared as a cameo the next episode, during the video for Jamie's Tribute yet, he later made another cameo appearance in Jun's Tribute Video.



Computer Whiz


Natural Cook




Shang Simla, home of the Martial Arts Tournament, which Evan won to become Grandmaster of Martial Arts


Good sense of Humour



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