The falmer are horrific ice creatures,who live in caves around the Sea of Ghosts. Elewyn has had many battles with them mostly coming out victorius. The skulker falmer is particularly vicious ,as it has immense strenghth with its bow.


You can find the falmer in nearly all caves around Winterhold. They usually live near the vicious insects called chaurus ,which the falmer uses its shell to make chests and tents.

Chaurus buildingEdit

The falmer uses the chaurus for eating, building tents,making traps ansd making chests. Usually both chaurus and falmer's live in the same cave and usually attack invaders at the same time.

Skulker FalmersEdit

Skulker falmers are the more adapted type of falmer. They use a vicious bow and arrow and have the magical ability of healing themselves. This has lead to many tough situations for Elewynn and his companions and has lead to numerous deaths for Elewynn's companions.

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