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Let's Play Some Games, the Damo2986 Community Forums, is a community forum for Damo2986's Let's Plays and Fans. This forum was created in November of 2011, and has been the more individualized community of the four branches of Damo2986 community sites (Damotori Clan, Damo2986 wiki, Damo2986 Forums, Youtube Channel). The site was created by the Administrator K1ngLemon a few days before and has remained along with Damo2986, head administrator of the forums. The site found itself early with slow growth, however as Damo2986's youtube channel expanded, so did the forums. It currently has 697 members and 19 069 total forum posts. This forum consists of ongoing discussions and debates from anything from the Let's Plays to everyday issues. As of now, the forum has a general topic area to: each upcoming and current lets plays, a Role-Play Section, archived let's plays, Let's Play requests, general chat area, and a announcement, news, and introduction section.

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