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The Hungarian Empire was one of the major antagonists in Let's Play: Medieval 2 - Total War. They were the only major enemy of the English Empire that survived to the end of the campaign.

History between England and HungaryEdit

Hostilities with the Crown and Knigdom of Hungary began when the papacy called a Crusade against the English City of Bordeaux.

These hostilities continued intermittantly and came to head when the Crown and Kingdom of England and the Empire of the English was fighting the Italian Peninsular campaign, which brought the English Empire into direct conflict with Hungary who had control of the northern half of the peninsula. The cities of Florence Milan Venice and Bologna were annexed by England and liberated from the unjust and despotic rule of the Hungarians during this campaign.

On a footnote the Italian Peninsular Campaign eventually led to end the Milanese "threat" and interferance in English and wider European military, foreign and diplomatic relations.

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