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Spain and Portugal, collectively known as the Iberian Powers, were two relatively minor factions in Let's Play: Medieval 2 - Total War. Although both factions fought with the English Empire, they did not become major enemies and both factions survived the campaign. Despite this, their wars with England stretched over long periods of times and drastically affected English plans. Josias of Dratwich is probably the most infamous General who fought against Spain and Portugal. He might even be considered commander of the South-East forces.

History between Spain and EnglandEdit

The Conflict with Spain arose out of the Aquitaine Crisis, since the Spannish Annexation of Bordeaux in 1100s and the conflicting English Claim on the Kingdom of France and all of the De Jeur lands.

This war continued until the English had sucessfully driven the spanish across the Pyrennes Mountains and sucessfully captured Valencia, Zaragosa and Pamplona.

The City of Valencia was donated to the Papacy, in an attempt to build bridges between England and the Papal States.

After this stage the war between England and Spain became a bloody stalemate centred on Zaragosa and Pamplona.

History between Portugal and EnglandEdit

English and Portugeuse relations started off quite reasonable with trade rights and tentative steps towards an alliance between England and Portugal. The people of these two great nations rejoiced when King Ambrose, King of England was annonuced to be Married to Princess Margeida of Portugal.

But alas this was a short lived alliance as the war between the Crowns of England and France forced the Portuguese to chose there friends, poorly with hindsight, and the matrimonial alliance was in tatters no sooner than the marraige was consumated.

From the Year 1129 onwards a state intermittant war existed between the Kingdoms of England and Portugal.

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