King Rufus the Killer
King Rufus's portrait

Let's Play

Medieval 2 - Total War







Reigned For

29 Years (from 1091 onwards)


Caen, Normandy


- King William (Father)

- Matilda of Flanders (Mother)

- Lucia of Biggleswade (Wife)

- Hubert (Son)

- (Daughters)

- Laurence Harmer (Adopted Son)

King Rufus the Killer was the second English king during Let's Play: Medieval 2 - Total War. He is considered one of England's greater kings and was the one that successfully unified the British Isles.


Rufus was born in 1054, back when William was Duke of Normandy. After claiming England in 1066, King William named Rufus as his heir, being his eldest son. Life was relatively quiet until 1080, when William decided it was time to let England expand once more. Prince Rufus made the first militaristic action in 1082, conquering the rogue village of York. With that complete, he returned to Nottingham to prepare for the conquest of Wales. There, in the following year, he married Lucia of Biggleswade. In 1084, they popped out a son, Hubert, much to King William's joy. Later that year, after a grueling battle against some surprisingly prepared Welsh, Prince Rufus conquered Caernarvon and placed the rogue nation under English rule.

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