Lee Everett




Mrs. Everett - Mother (Deceased)

Mr. Everett - Father (Deceased)

B. Everett - Brother (Deceased)

Clementine - Ward

Lee Everett was the main protagonist of Damo's Let's Play of The Walking Dead.


Lee Everett was a 37 year old man who taught History at the university in Atlanta, Georgia. However, Lee was fired when he killed a senator who had been having an affair with Lee's wife. Lee was on his way to serve a maximum prison sentence, when the dead started walking. The police car that he was in hit a "walker" (a zombie) and fell off the road and into a ditch. The policeman was killed and Lee was badly injured. After Lee uncuffed himself the policeman attacked him and then Lee killed the policeman with a shotgun. More walkers appeared and started chasing him and fortunately Lee managed to get away and stumbled upon a suburban area of Georgia. This is where he first encountered Clementine. After leaving Clementine's house (and dealing with a walker), Lee and Clementine ran into Chet and Shawn, who took them to Hershel's farm. This is where he met a family which consisted of Kenny, Katjaa and Duck. The next morning, Duck is helping Shawn put up a fence, but accidentally runs him over with a tractor, and gets Shawn's foot stuck as walkers begin to attack the farm. Both Lee and Kenny save Duck, and go to save Shawn, when he is bitten and killed by 3 walkers. Hershel then runs out and kills the walkers with his shotgun and, distraught at his son's death, kicks Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Katjaa and Duck off the farm. They then head to Macon, where they meet Doug, Carley, Lily and Larry.

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