Fallout New Vegas
FNV box art (US)
The Fallout New Vegas Front Cover

Start Date

November 1 2010

Finish Date

June 1 2011

Total Running Time

7 Months

Total Amount of Parts


Main Protagonist


Main Antagonists

Caesar's Legion

Fallout New Vegas is one of the Let's Plays done by Damo2986. It follows the adventures of Morgan, a courier who was shot in the head for a mysterious package he was carrying. Surviving the event, he undergoes a quest for revenge, ultimately becoming embroiled in the region's political struggles.

The LP was initially started as a Hardcore Mode playthrough, though several viewers felt that it hindered the pacing due to survival micromanagement. In part 82, Damo put the issue to a vote while also noting that, having played regular mode on his PC version, playing without said restrictions was more enjoyable for him as well. The rest of the LP, starting in Part 83, was played without Hardcore restrictions.

Following the LP was a loosely-related Fallout RP called Fight for Survival, which made several connections to New Vegas factions but did not tie directly to the LP campaign or the protagonist Morgan.

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