Medieval 2 - Total War Kingdoms
M2CC Cover
Front Cover of Medieval 2 - Total War Kingdoms

Start Date

April 13 2012

Finish Date


Total Running Time


Total Amount of Parts


Main Protagonist

Byzantine Empire

Main Antagonist


Let's Play: Medieval 2 - Total War Kingdoms is an LP by Damo2986. After announcing the LP, Damo decided to put the campaign and subject faction up to vote. By a narrow margin of three votes, the selected campaign was Crusades. Conversely, the faction vote had overwhelming support for the Byzantine Empire.

Beginning in the year 1174 AD, the history of the empire can be found here. Individual histories of the nobility and notable agents have their own pages.

Vote StatisticsEdit


  1. Crusades - 224
  2. Britannia - 221
  3. Americas - 162
  4. Teutonic - 137


  1. Byzantine Empire - 260
  2. Kingdom of Jerusalem - 176
  3. Principality of Antioch - 50
  4. Egypt - 41
  5. Turks - 17

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