Michael 'Mikey' Jones
Mikey at his 42nd birthday


Sunset valley


Superstar Actor of Bridgeport

Lord-Mayor Of Appaloosa Plains (Later Retired by choice)

political leader,political figure,Sim Politican


-Father: Evan Jones (Deceased)

-Mother: Jamie Jones (Deceased)

-Wife: Jun Xu (Deceased)

-Daughter: Maya Jones

-Uncle: Johnny-5 Jones

-Grandfather: Damo2986

Place of Residence

Sunset Valley (Season 1)

Bridgeport (Season 2)

Appaloosa Plains (Season 3)

First Appearance:

Season 1 (Let's play The Sims 3 and World Adventures) Episode N°50.

Last Appearance:

Season 3 (Let's play The Sims 3: Generations and Pets) Episode N°72.

Michael "Mikey" Jones was the son of Evan and Jamie Jones. He was the husband of Jun Jones and the father of Maya Jones.

He was born in Sunset Valley, where he spent his childhood and early teen years. In his late teen years his family moved to Bridgeport where he finished school and started his career as an actor. He later on married Jun Xu and had a baby named Maya.

He currently now lives in Apaloosa Plains away from the busy city life so that he can enjoy a peaceful life focusing on his family: Jun, Maya, Johnny 5 and their dog Snowy.

He has decided to use popularity and influence that he has earned through his film work to make his mark on the world, thus he worked in the political career and he became Lord Mayor Michael Jones, then he retired. He lived longer than his wife Jun (who died in the Season 3 'Let's play The Sims 3: Generations and Pets' Epsiode N°65), but passed away from the sheer shock of her death in the Season 3,Episode N°72. On lets play the sims 3 generations and pets part 72 Micheal Jones ex movie star saldly dies at the age of 91.

P.S:If someone knows a link to a picture of elderly Michael Jones,can you put it on here.Thank you.

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