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Nicholas Horston
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Unknown (England)


Euphemia (Wife)

Nicholas Horston was one of Damo's best generals in his Let's Play of Medieval 2 - Total War.


Nicolas Horston was a very tangental relation to the royal family. His wife was Euphemia, daughter of Jasper of Eysham, the adopted son of King Laurence, who was himself adopted by King Rufus. He was a very promising commander that immediately caught the eye of King Ambrose, who sought to forge the man into one of his great generals. While waiting for the remnants of King Laurence's army to finally come home, Nicholas was stationed in Angers. He quickly formed a retinue, obtaining a lancebearer, siege engineer, and hunting dog. Finally, the one-time crusader army reached Nicholas in 1127, and after a year of sorting out his forces, he readied his army near the French border. He only needed to wait for his catapults, but rebels ambushed the shipment enroute. Regardless, Nicholas pressed onward and attacked French lands, along with the king, in 1129. In the following year, Nicholas' army destroyed three French armies of equal size, two of them at once. He returned to Caen in the year after that to replenish his army.


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