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The Papal States were a major political faction in Let's Play: Medieval 2 - Total War, influencing all of Catholic Europe. Relations with the English Empire shifted radically across history, ranging from lopping off the Pope's head to being His Holiness' homeland. It would take years of change, and eventual excommunication for England to pursue its goal. This eventually concluded with English supremacy in the College of Cardinals.

Papal History by PopeEdit

Pope GregoryEdit

England knows little about Pope Gregory prior to 1080 beyond that he was fairly young by Papal standards (only forty) and all factions had equal standing with him except the Holy Roman Empire, which somehow lacked his respect. Opinions gradually shifted, with England gaining favour for their construction of churches and recruitment of priests.

Pope ZappaEdit

Pope VitalusEdit

Pope Guandalus the CorruptEdit

Pope BuonaconsusEdit

Pope Villanus the MissionaryEdit

Pope Niccolus the MissionaryEdit

Pope GiannisEdit

Bishop Preferati Thomas the Missionary of England was elected Pope on 1172 AD and as a result he bace the first English Pope.

The First thing the English Pope did was to reconcile the Empire of England, thus ending the Crusade against Toulouse.

Some have claimed this was a cynical political move and had nothing to do with matters of faith.

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