Prince Hubert
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Nottingham, England


- King Rufus (Father)

- Lucia of Biggleswade (Mother)

- Deonisia Powell (Wife)

- King Paul (Son)

Prince Hubert was the son of King Rufus the Killer and first grandchild of King William the Conqueror. Hubert did not become prince until 1123, the throne being diverted to his adopted sibling Laurence and his son Ambrose. Prince Hubert died before ascending to the throne, but his son Paul eventually did.


Prince Rufus and his wife produced Hubert in 1084, serving as a joy to both his parents and his grandfather, King William the Conqueror. He had a happy childhood until 1090, when his father adopted Laurence Harmer as his older sibling, despite Laurence being only seven years younger than Rufus. Doting grandfather King William died the following year, and when Rufus ascended to the throne, he delivered a bombshell: Laurence Harmer was to be his heir. Despite his father's efforts to coddle him, the ten-year-old was greatly resentful for being robbed of his inheritence. Although Prince Laurence left on a crusade three years later, Hubert did not let things go. Things only got worse when Laurence's wife gave birth to a son, Ambrose, and delivered him to London in 1097. With Ambrose being personally tutored by King Rufus, any hope of ascending to the throne crumbled away.

By the time he grew into a full man in 1100, he had grown dubious and greedy, withdrawing into avarice to escape his frustations. Fortunately for Hubert, he found an outlet in the form of Deonisia Powell, who he married that same year. Three years later, after several uneventful years beyond hearing delightful tales of Prince Laurence's many woes, Hubert and Deonisia were blessed with a healthy baby boy, naming him Paul. The time he spent with his family kept Hubert stable for the next couple decades.

King Rufus died in 1120, meaning that Laurence took the throne. Laurence was still far from England, however, and only received a symbolic crowning somewhere in the Mediterranean. Three years later, news reached Prince Ambrose that his father had died at sea, making him King of England. To Hubert's surprise, King Ambrose acknowledged Hubert's long dormant claim to the throne and named him the next prince. It was joyous news, as the young king was planning to personally wage war against the French. A possibility existed that King Ambrose might fall in battle, allowing the order Prince Hubert to finally become king.

His world came crashing down several years later. His beloved wife, Deonisia, proved to be unfaithful and everybody knew it. He became known as Prince Huburt the Cuckold, eternally reminded of this fact. His growing misery reached boiling point in 1130, when the warmongering of King Ambrose the Malevolent resulted in England's excommunication. The entire kingdom was in an uproar, with Hubert's territory of Wales being particularly harsh. In his overwhelming frusration, Prince Hubert the Cuckold decided to... hire a biographer, detailing his miserable life and the injustices he had suffered.

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