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1092 AD

Scotland was a minor faction in Let's Play: Medieval 2 - Total War. The only other faction on the British Isles besides the English Empire, Scotland collapsed into rebel states after the royal family died out, leaving the territories free for English conquest. The English General Henry led the war effort against them.


In the year 1080, England was premature and fairly weak. Scotland was barely different and was not thriving either. The first established contact between the nations happened in the same year when Princess Cecilia approached the Scottish Diplomat, Patrick Macdougall. The beautiful princess requested a Royal Alliance through marriage with the Scottish heir. In return, she demanded trade rights and one thousand florins. Patrick refused and bumped down the cost to 800 florins, which Cecilia graciously accepted. This was the beginning of a temporary alliance with England and Scotland through Cecilia and Prince Edward Canmore.

Prince Edward died in the winter of 1086, allegedly by breaking his neck after slipping down some stone steps. His father died four years later, and with no heir to the throne, the kingdom officially collapsed. Rebel captains took command of Scottish territory, giving England the opportunity to conquer the region without repercussions from the Papacy. Seven years later, a massive army of mostly weak and untrained troops lead by Henry, Cecilia's younger sibling, successfully claimed Edinburgh in a single assault.

The final stand of the Scottish was at Inverness in 1102, when Henry laid siege to the city with the same army. Using massive troop advantages, Henry crushed all Scottish resistance and easily won. This victory brought the entire British Isles under English rule, which would continue for the remainder of the campaign. Never again did Scotland pose any threat, excluding a major naval battle in the seas around it against the Danish Empire.

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