Role Play Shogun 2 born May 26 1527 gender Male Eye Color blue Hair Color Brown Place of Birth Mino,Saito Clan Time of Death Spring 1553 Place of Death Mikawa

Icorisu Nobunaga==

Role Play Character of Lord Kierstead for he Shogun 2 total war RP Edit

Icorisu Nobunaga is a Japanese samurai, master of the Shinobi sword school, ex-Priest of Bishamonten and member of the daimyo's security council Commander of Anti Rebellion Armies.


Icorisu Although only 23 was a master swordsman taught by his father a hero of Korean war. He caught the attention of the Tokugawa clan when he was defending his home of Mino from their invasion where it took The Daimyo himself and a set of unfortunate circumstances to bring him down. After his capture he was thrown in a cell where he waited for three month for an execution that never came upon the first day of his fourth month the Daimyo Hirotada came to visit his cell where he told Icorisu

"You are one of the most skilled warriors I have ever met, I am releasing you on two conditions first you will go to the Sagami sword shool and train and second you will never turn your blade on any loyal Tokugawa, as that person will die"

Sagami Sword SchoolEdit

Probably 5 of the most enjoyable years of his life Icorisu spent month trying to earn the respect of his masters and peers. He quickly rose through the ranks and on his graduation year was offered a position of master of the school whitch he graciously accepted. He then went on to Continue his training and in a matter of 2 years has proclaimed Head Master of the Academy.


Icorisu was entered into the Prieshood by the head priestess Izayoi Fujiko while he was wandering the market and confronted a foreigner trying to gain traid who Icorisu threatened she came to them made Rodrigo the foreigner her advisor and Icorisu he Apprentice for Years Icorisu worked on the temple and other forms of work until one day she brought him to a river and asked his questions to beome a priest eventually he finished and became a priest of Bishamonten the god of warriors

Final Battle Edit

Icorisu was on the walls of Mikawa when the attack came he rallied the troops of the army. After a while he came to see a man on the ground who had been commanding the rebeles he then jumped from the walls to the ground to slay the commander where he had an arrow pirce his left lung. After Slaying him Icorisu fought against many rebeles and in his final stand killed 60 of them where he was hit by another arrow to the leg and a yari stab into his side. He was then Slain by Raion while fighting to secure the outter gates.

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